Unenforcable Credit Agreement

According to the Consumer Credit Act (CCA), if a financial agreement or terms and conditions for products such as credit card, loan, hire purchase, mortgage or any other borrowing is missing certain important term or was written incorrectly; then you may be able stop making remainder of the repayments; or return goods and items you purchased with that loan. These type of contracts are considered unenforceable.

For a small refundable fee your credit card or loan agreement will be assessed to see if it is unenforceable. The process is quite simple, all you have to do is answer a few simple questions and return a letter of Authority and fair Trading Statement. Once we have the required documentation we will ask your lender to give us a copy of your agreement. We will check through the agreement to see if it is unenforceable.

Once the assessment of your loan agreement has been evaluated, you will be notified of whether your case can be processed (your agreement is unenforceable) or not (your agreement is not unenforceable)